Conservative Republicans who became frustrated by the blurred lines between the two major parties gave birth to the Tea Party.  

When given the choice between John McCain and Barack Obama, conservatives felt like it was a choice between Democrat and Democrat Light.  The same scenario played out four years later with Mitt Romney.  Tea Party types would rather win or lose with Ted Cruz than be tempted by Lindsey Graham.

For South Dakota Democrats, many feel the same pangs of discontent.  There is a pretty vocal segment of the party that wants expansion of Medicaid and the increase of the minimum wage.  There is a major problem with that.  The numbers are against them within the state’s borders.  Being Republican Light will really do the Liberal/Progressive little good.

Years ago, George McGovern used his abilities to build the foundations of a Democrat movement in South Dakota.  History has proven there are people in this state who will support those ideals.  It will take a lot of effort and time to convince them to go back down that path.  Expect defeats early, but the could be a huge long range payoff.