Here's a little bit of good news with tax day looming right around the corner.  I just read your chances of getting audited this year are the lowest they've been in 25 years!

You can thank budget cuts at the IRS for that.

Because of the serious budget cuts within the Internal Revenue Service over the past year, they'll be fewer agents auditing returns this year than any year since the 80's.

So chances are the main focus of those agents will be on the Big Fish trying to cheat their way out of paying large amounts of money.

With that said, this might be a good year to try and claim your Keurig as a dependent. I wouldn't recommend it, but you might be able to get away with it.

The IRS audited less than 1% of people's returns last year, which was the lowest amount since 2005 and they say it'll definitely be even lower this year.

Speaking of tax season, according to a new survey, 29% of Americans claim they enjoy doing their taxes. Another 5% say they even LOVE it! (I'm guessing these are the people that must be getting back the ginormous refunds?)

Hey, don't give up on your fellow man quite yet, 30% of people still say they dislike having to do their taxes, while 26% say they hate it!

Strangely enough the main reason is not because they feel they're paying too much in taxes, it's because they feel taxes are too complicated or time-consuming.

Source: People Press