I always joke with my neighbors that if they ever consider selling their homes and moving out of the neighborhood, I'm going to put on my tight, white bib overalls and sit on my front porch with my accordion scaring away any and all potential buyers.

I'm serious - I'll do it. Right now, I have the BEST neighbors on the planet and the last thing I need is for someone to come in and "upset the apple cart." Plus, working the early morning hours that I do, I have afternoons free - nothing but time on my hands.

And then I run across this story about a crazy lady in Houston, Texas who has taken the term "bad neighbor" to a whole new level - my crazy idea doesn't hold a candle to what she's pulling.

It's gotten to the point where her next door neighbor is pleading with police to step in and do something about her bad behavior. Rodrigo Camus says for months his next door neighbor, Dallas Rose Lott, has been trespassing and vandalizing his home.

Because of pranks she's pulled he's had to change all the doorknobs on his house five different times. One of her favorite things to do is fill the keyholes with crazy clue or straight pins and paper clips.

Lott was arrested and charged with criminal mischief back in January, but so far nothing has changed. Camus says a lot of the neighbors have issues with the "crazy lady." He's currently trying to sell this home, but as you can imagine he's not having a lot of luck.

Should any of my neighbors be reading this - suddenly my idea of sitting on the front porch in my white bib overalls playing the accordion doesn't sound so bad, does it?

Source: ABC 13 Eyewitness News

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