Snow removal

Snow Gated Community
Overall the Sioux Falls Street Department is pleased with the snow removal and snow gate performance over the weekend.
Public Works Director Mark Cotter and Street & Fleet Operations Manager Galynn Huber admit there were problems and complaints.  ...
Plows Bearing Disclaimers
The City of Sioux Falls has offered a solution to the Paint the Plow religious symbols spat.  The hope is that it will bring a resolution for all parties involved.
Cost of Snow Removal
This has been a costly winter for cities across the country but here in Sioux Falls, not so bad.
With the start of Spring last week and the prediction of six more weeks of winter from that infamous fur-ball-of-a-prognosticator the timing has been about right...
500+ Snow Tickets Written by Sioux Falls Police
Police officers wrote more than 500 tickets for vehicles that were parked in the way of snowplows in Sioux Falls this week.
Police spokesman Sam Clemens says 506 tickets were written between the Snow Alert declaration on Wednesday and 6am Friday...