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President’s Day Parties
Today is a holiday! President's Day! We are celebrating the births of George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln. Congress is taking the week off
My Turn: Live or Recorded? It Doesn’t Matter
We've had a couple of days to ruminate on the question of whether Beyonce Knowles sang the National Anthem for President Obama's inauguration ceremony on Monday, or whether she was doing a lip-sync version..
First we were hearing that she had recorded it earlier, then those who had put out …
An Obama-Romney Meeting Ahead?
A few post-election notes:
President Obama says he has not yet scheduled a meeting with the man he defeated on Election Day.
But he says he does want to meet with Mitt Romney before the year is out.
We can only imagine what they would talk about, but I'm guessing gloating or being a sore loser wou…