Ray of Hope
A group of people in the Sioux Falls area see poverty as a growing concern. Together they are the Hope Coalition whose goal is giving aid to the needy.
Poverty Line Changes
New guidelines for family income and qualifying for the WIC supplemental food program were put into effect on May 1,2015 for residents of South Dakota.
SD: Not as Educated
Among many studies touting South Dakota ranking high for many positive things, comes a report saying our work is cut out for us in getting a university degree.
Growing Poverty in Schools
Forty percent of South Dakota’s public school children qualify for free school lunches, according to a new report. That is still better than the national rate.
1310: Protecting Children
On the second installment of Viewpoint University’s “The Number is 1310” series Tuesday, Rick Knobe and Dan Peters talked to Carol Muller, head of the Minnehaha County human services department and Stacey Tieszen, the county’s homeless coor…

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