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'Glass' Movie Review
I am in awe of Shymalan's story telling, and for not just keeping my attention for a couple hours but keeping it for 19 years.
‘Mid90s’ Review: Jonah Hill Takes You Back to 1995
Jonah Hill will be the first to tell you (repeatedly) that he’s spent the past 15 years in one of the best possible film schools, working with some of the most beloved writers and directors in America: Martin Scorsese, Judd Apatow, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, and Bennett Miller, to name a h…
‘Apostle’ Review: Dan Stevens Leads a Familiar Cult Thriller
Gareth Evans captivated audiences in 2011 with The Raid, a pulse-pounding action-thriller that showcased his fascination with Indonesian martial arts as well as an exceptional knack for editing and fight choreography. For his fifth feature, Apostle, the Welsh filmmaker ditches many of the elements w…

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