Mitt Romney

Sometimes When You Least Expect It, Mitt Happens
Having watched former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for over eight years on television running for President, I thought he was fake and stiff.
Well, maybe the cameras didn’t do him justice.
Gov. Romney came to Sioux Falls Thursday to help campaign for Republican U...
Romney Stumps for Rounds, Talks Health Care
A relaxed and talkative Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican Presidential nominee, strolled Phillips Avenue in Sioux Falls just after noon, campaigning for U.S. Senate candidate and fellow former Gov. Mike Rounds.
Rounds is in a four-way race with Democrat Rick Weiland and independents Gordon Howie and L…
An Obama-Romney Meeting Ahead?
A few post-election notes:
President Obama says he has not yet scheduled a meeting with the man he defeated on Election Day.
But he says he does want to meet with Mitt Romney before the year is out.
We can only imagine what they would talk about, but I'm guessing gloating or being a sore loser wou…

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