Memory Lane

Baby Boomer Memory Lane: Remember These Bad Boys?
Well,'s something you don't see anymore.
But if you're of a certain age, say one of those people that's a member of the 'Baby Boomer' generation, you recognize them. It might be bubble gum, it might be candy.
You could call them cigarettes for the younger set.…
Check Out 9 Products Turning 50 In 2019
It revolutionized bad breath.
Well, that might be a little exaggerated. But when they hit the market, they were a hit indeed!
Hard to believe Tic Tac's turn a half-century old this year. But yep, it was 1969 when these little breath fresheners first showed up on store shelves...
It's Christmas 1978 And Every Kid Wants Merlin
Every Christmas you kid wants whatever the latest gadget, gizmo, video game or piece of technology is being advertised as the latest and greatest. If you think this is something new, I have news for isn't.
In 1952 the latest and greatest was putting facial features on a spud that mom ga…
Tickle Me Elmo Was The Hottest Toy Of 1996
Elmo has been a star for years and years and years. Living on Sesame Street will do that, make you famous. Especially among the younger set. I mean the really younger set.
But it was 1996 when Elmo zoomed into Superstardom. I mean, our furry little friend became a phenomena...

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