Larry Pressler

PRESSLER: No More Middle in American Politics
Former South Dakota U.S. Senator Larry Pressler said he is disappointed that so much money swayed voters and negative campaigning in the just conducted election that is sending former Republican governor Mike Rounds to Washington, D.C.
Did the FBI Say No, Good?
Was retired FBI agent John Good’s absence from US Senate candidate Larry Pressler’s news conferences Friday in Watertown, Aberdeen & Rapid City due to illness.
Pressler Talks Poetry?
On this cool Wednesday night at Botski's, a strip-mall sports bar in Sioux Falls, there are almost as many journalists as there are regulars camped among the barroom tables. Above it all flashes the giant television, showing game four of the National League Championship Series between the Cardi…
Read the Statute re Pressler Being a "D.C. Resident"
Important safety tip: Don’t believe everything you read coming from political parties, campaigns or even the media.
Pressler is registered to vote in Sioux Falls as an independent in legislative district 12, according to the South Dakota Secretary of State’s voter file…
Rounds Still Leads in U.S. Senate Race But Pressler Gaining
New polling conducted this week shows increasing support for independent U.S. Senate candidate Larry Presser at the expense of Republican Mike Rounds and Democrat Rick Weiland.
The poll was conducted by Nielson Brothers Polling and sponsored in part by Northern Plains News...

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