Copper Lounge

OSHA Investigation Timeline
The OSHA office in Sioux Falls has an active inspection underway regarding the death of Ethan McMahon, who died in the building collapse at the former Copper Lounge.
Showing Strength
With the backdrop of broken buildings in downtown Sioux Falls, the times call for a renewed spirit of togetherness in the face of hardship.
No Permit to Remove Wall
The city of Sioux Falls has issued a statement that they did not issue any permit to remove a wall at the location of the former Copper Lounge.
No City Investigation
The next steps in the Copper Lounge Collapse include mourning and securing the site, but you won't see the city investigate the tragedy. Here's why.
Copper Lounge Collapses
The Copper Lounge building in Sioux Falls collapsed on Friday. One person and a dog was rescued from the debris, but a trapped worker did not survive.