What did we do before air conditioning?  That query must be tripping off the lips as the steamy heat wave strikes in late August.  A cool haven is a modern convenience.  It hasn’t always been that way.

The South Dakota prairie must have been quite a sight back in the days of Charlie Ingalls at the homestead near De Smet.  Work had to be done and tasks were probably completed before the heat of the day was too much of a burden on the body.

If our forebears could see us now they would say we are squatting in the Wimp City square.  They would say we are cowering from conditions a few degrees north or south of 72 in the outdoors.  Our parrying comment would be to guffaw at their inability to keep a constant temperature.  A little cross-generational trash talk doesn’t hurt anyone.  Neither does a quick stroll in 90-degree heat with 60 percent humidity put you in peril because you never know when that air conditioning might fail.