Over 40,000 Blizzards at one location in one day! Watch Bethany talk about her personal Blizzard record and Miracle Treat Day details.

Bethany promises that calories don't count when it comes to helping kids, so feel free to have a Blizzard for breakfast on Miracle Treat Day.

Children's Miracle Networks Miracle Treat Day is a way for us to eat some ice cream treats, and benefit area kids and their families.

Making miracles happen is what they do, and they need the support of people in the community to rally around these incredible kids and their families.

Come to get your favorite Blizzard treat at any of the 29 participating Dairy Queen locations, and support Children's Miracle Networks Miracle Treat Day.

The South Dakota Madison Dairy Queen was number one in North America last year for Blizzards, and Blizzard coupons sold with just over 40,000!

Also on the top sold list was the Dairy Queen on Minnesota Avenue in Sioux Falls, they came in 4th last year.

Bethany's personal record for Miracle Treat Day is 9 1/2 Blizzards eaten in one day!

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