In this recipe, the ingredients to determine which towns are South Dakota’s securest finds the smaller towns generally at the top. Interestingly, one municipality with a major college ranks very high on the list.

Springfield is shown as the safest city in the survey followed by Brookings, Brandon, Miller, Summerset, Lennox, Winner, Parkston, Hot Springs and Beresford. For those unfamiliar with Summerset, it is recently incorporated (2006) and located in western Meade County.

A group published the survey on compiling the 2012 data, but just recently released their findings. The information was based on the most recent FBI crime information available for communities with a population base of around 1,500.

From there, the report dove into the category of Violent Crimes, meaning robbery, murder, forcible rape and aggravated assault. The other grouping was Property Crimes such as burglary, motor vehicle theft, arson and larceny-theft.

To put all communities on equal footing calculations were made as to how often these crimes were reported per 1,000 people. One caveat involved that not all eligible cities reported their data to the FBI which could skew the findings a little.