The following is a note sent to a Results Radio listener by Results Radio Market Manager/VP Don Jacobs following the publication of a controversial story on the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Though it was written directly to one person, it represents his feelings towards all Results Radio listeners.

Thank you for your help Larry. I hadn't even seen the story Todd Epp (a part-time contributor) had posted about the Sturgis Rally. When I received your email commenting on Todd's "opinion" I immediately went to our KSOO 1140 web site and read the story.

Faster than Todd Epp could say, "HUH?" I took the story down.

I need to apologize and take responsibility for the story being posted.

I'm Don Jacobs, the Market Manager/VP of the Eight Results Radio/Townsquare Media Radio Stations in Sioux Falls. Over the years there have been a few times when one of our announcers said something on the air that I didn't agree with or I didn't think represented Results Radio/Townsquare Media.

Now, I have eight radio stations and eight websites I need to monitor. That’s why I wish I had eight sets of eyes and eight sets of ears.

Thank you for being honest and bringing the story to my attention. Now you know I read every email complaint I get and take every complaint call I receive. It's not the fun part of the job, but it is my job.

I personally know many people that own motorcycles and go to the Sturgis Rally every year. They're good people. Business people. Blue collar people. Men and women. They come from all over the U.S. Honestly, I'm glad they choose to come to South Dakota!

As a business person, I understand the economic impact the Sturgis Rally has on our state. I also understand the impact our web content can have on our readers. I value your input and feedback and once again want to personally thank you for bringing it to my attention.