As the election draws closer, South Dakota voter’s wallets are speaking out.  The Nielson Brothers Polling (NBP) survey conducted from October 28 to November 1, asks South Dakota likely voters about their views on Initiated Measure 15, Referred Laws 14 and 16.

NBP finds that the advantage for Initiated Measure 15 (IM 15) has shrunk to less than one percent (43.3 to 42.8 percent) with 13.9 percent “undecided.” While support for IM15 has remained static from past surveys, opposition continues to rise as undecided voters pick sides.

Poll numbers for Referred Law 14 remain steady from previous NBP surveys. 24.1 percent of respondents say they will vote for this law -- which would transfer 22% of the contractors’ excise tax from the state's general fund to a Large Project Development Fund. 39.8 percent say they will vote against it, and 36.1 percent of respondents remain “undecided.”

By contrast, survey findings for Referred Law 16 (RL 16) indicate significant changes. Support has dropped from previous NBP surveys, and is now down to 24.6 percent. On the other hand, opposition has risen to 51.6 percent. 23.8 percent say they are “undecided.” With a fourth of voters still undecided, the outcome remains in doubt, but the initiative -- which would establish programs for teacher scholarships and bonuses, standardize teacher and principal evaluations, and eliminate tenure requirements -- appears to be in peril.