Some optimistic folks were prepping to break out the golf clubs this weekend.  Unfortunately, the clouds took over and our good-day sunshine got derailed.  

The temperatures are still shaping up to be well above normal for most of the weekend.  However, the double-edged sword of southerly breezes brought in the warmth and some moist air.

Todd Heitkamp of the National Weather Service says we got stuck in a strong pattern of perpetual clouds.  “Once those low clouds and fog started forming Monday and Tuesday it just spread all across the Midwest.  The low clouds extend from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canadian Border.”  So it’s not just in Sioux Falls that’s been under the canopy this week.

California has been soaking with the storm that came ashore yesterday.  Soon that will course its way across the country and carve a path a little farther north than first anticipated.  Heitkamp says, “It will give (Sioux Falls) a chance at some freezing rain and between 1-3 inches of snow come Monday.”  So in the short term, we will be just damp, but if a prolonged freezing rain session arrives early Monday morning, the commute will be plenty interesting.