Independent candidate for Governor, Mike Myers will be on Viewpoint today(Tuesday) to explain his lawsuit against Secretary of State Jason Gant.

The election laws in South Dakota were written with two dominant and organized parties in mind. The system works well for them. Candidates who are not Republicans or Democrats have more hurdles to jump to get on the ballot. And as candidate Mike Myers has discovered, making a change of your running mate after you have filed petitions is impossible. South Dakota law is silent on the issue, therefore it is not allowed.

Myers will be with us this afternoon to explain the problem and what he hopes his lawsuit will accomplish, today at 5:30 pm.

Dr. Shelley Reciniello, author of "The Conscious Leader" will be on a 4:15. High percentages of employees feel disconnected from their work and bosses. She will explain methods to re-engage and be happier and more productive.

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