Remember that old Randy Newman song from back in the late 70's called "Short People?" How did that go again, "short people got no reason to live, they got little hands, little eyes, they walk around tellin' great big lies."

Well, evidently all of us short people are a little short on intelligence too.

According to a new study out of the Edinburgh University in Scotland, short people are dumber than tall people.

Researchers found that women under 5-foot-3 and men under 5-foot-9 are generally less intelligent than taller people.

Their study of more than 6,800 people found a significant correlation between being short and being dense.

The study was based on genetics, so basically, they're saying the genes you received from your short parents are also making you a little short on smarts.

Wow! All of us vertically challenged folks just can't seem to catch a break can we?

I wonder what Albert Einstein would have to say on this subject. He was barely 5-foot-9 and if I remember right, he was a pretty smart guy.