Sioux Falls Public Schools sent a message to parents about an incident that took place near Edison Middle School on Thursday November 19, 2015.

Hello Sioux Falls Parents. I just received information that a man in a Gold Chevy Tahoe approached a student on the way to school today. The driver asked for the student's name and if she wanted a ride.  Sioux Falls Police have been working to find the driver  but have not yet located him.  He is described as a Hispanic male, 50-60 years old with gray facial hair. The student handled this situation as we would hope. She stayed out of the vehicle, moved away and notified adults. Please review the appropriate steps to be taken with your child. Remind them to report suspicious activity to an adult at home and at school. This message is being sent to all to inform, not to alarm. Thank you.

Recently several parents were concerned that they were not informed of a separate incident until weeks after the suspect's arrest.

It appears Sioux Falls public schools are quickly responding with information to parents with this new incident, allowing them to choose appropriate actions to keep their children safe.