The Last Jewel in the Crown of Historic Downtown - that is the goal established by a new State Theatre Steering Committee formed in 2015. Although you may not have heard much lately about the State Theatre restoration effort, organizers say a lot of work is happening behind the scenes.   .

John Swedeen, who earlier in 2016 took over as president of the nonprofit organization talks of the future of the Theatre:

We want to provide the Sioux Falls area with a first-class, multi-use facility that is accessible to everyone in the community, and we want everyone to be proud of it.

Plans for the next phase of the extensive renovation will be refined with input from a series of focus groups this week at the Sioux Falls Design Center, 108 W. 11th St. Five focus groups will be held in cooperation with Downtown Sioux Falls Inc. You can register to be a part of one of the groups. Anyone with passion for the State Theatre or downtown Sioux Falls is welcome to volunteer to serve on one of the focus groups.

We want community input to fine-tune the direction we’re going and to clarify how the community wants to use the State Theatre in the future. We’ll also answer any questions that come up. This is a public process.

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