'Star Wars' rumoring isn't going to stop with just 'Episode 7' even if that picture hasn't signed a director or cast yet. On top of those rumors, we're now going to be hearing gossip about the entire next trilogy, and possibly all the spin-off movies after that. If the internet implodes on itself, it's going to be because of 'Star Wars.' Today's latest news: That they've approached Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kindberg to write and produce Episodes 8 and 9.

This originally came from Deadline, and has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, though it is unknown the division of labor, it looks like the two are locked in. For the die-hards the return of Kasdan is exactly what's wanted, even if he hasn't scripted a 'Star Wars' movie in nearly three decades. Kasdan was one of the screenwriters on both 'Empire Strikes Back' and 'Return of the Jedi,' which gives him instant geek cred. On top of which, when fans give credit for why 'Empire' is arguably the best 'Star Wars' movie, top honors often bounce between Kasdan (who also wrote on 'Raiders of the Lost Ark') and the late director Irwin Kershner. And since Kasdan's no longer a top dog in Hollywood, returning to this well must have an appeal, especially since it's possible they could ask him to direct.

Simon Kinberg is the less interesting choice. His breakthrough came with 2005's 'Mr & Mrs. Smith' and he's bounced around a number of studio projects like 'Sherlock Holmes' and 'X-Men: The Last Stand' ever since. His script for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past' is currently in production.

What is excellent about this is that the prequel trilogy was undone by Lucas' inability or lack of desire to work out a blueprint for all the puzzle pieces he had to backwards engineer to fit together. Now that you have three writers working on the film, it's possible that they can actually assemble a coherent package. Fingers crossed.