Elected to office twice in the South Dakota House of Representatives, Stace Nelson is eyeing a higher office.  The Fulton man is in the race to take over the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Tim Johnson.

In explaining his motivation for being the fourth Republican to enter the fray, Nelson cites both South Dakotans and his grandchildren.  Numerous constituents have made requests to Nelson pining for him as the candidate.  Plus Nelson feels today’s decisions in Washington are dimming the outlook for future generations.

Nelson Explains Senate Campaign Motivation

Part of Nelson’s life experience included time in the military.  He was a special agent for the NCIS as a member of the military and as a civilian NCIS.  Much of Nelson’s family is either currently serving or has served in the armed forces.  As events unfold in the Middle East and Syria in particular, Nelson is against using the military as political pawns.  At this time the Republican feels that the United States is not in immediate danger and would not vote to authorize military action against Syria.

Nelson Wants More Proof Before Sending Troops

The other Republicans who are running for the U.S. Senate seat include former Governor Mike Rounds, rancher Larry Rhoden and Dr. Annette Bosworth.