It's been one of the longest and tiring winters in many years and now the cleanup begins. My honey-do-list may be the longest ever.

AAA South Dakota is offering tips from experts to spruce up around the house inside and out.

There are many things to include on your checklist. Some of these may call for someone else helping you and others are quite simple for anyone to do.

Inspecting your roof, trim your trees & prune tree limbs, clean out your gutters and make sure your sump pumps are in working order.

One item that many homeowners fail to check is their dryer vent. Cleaning dryer vents could prevent about a third of the 3,000 fires that happen every year.

Spring may also be a great time for a home improvement project but AAA South Dakota warns homeowners that if your project involves a contractor, choose carefully to protect yourself against unethical practices or incompetence.

Ask to see the contractor’s license along with other identification, and get references.

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