Working a different shift has its challenges and benefits.  So I hope that you are enjoying the different feel while I join you in Chad McKenzie’s home called the Main Street Café.  

One of the rewards is a little time to have a conversation with the neighbors.  Face it.  We are all busy and seem to guard that precious time when we can actually do something for ourselves or with our families.

It’s not exactly a priority nor is it a burden to escape the confines of the house and check with the people in your neighborhood.  Otherwise you will never get to hear about someone’s new grandbaby to cherish or trouble with rabbits chewing on plants.  Forty-five minutes later you realize that face-to-face conversation was very enlightening.

Don’t get me wrong because Facebook can also serve as a means to peek into people’s lives.  The electronic alternative can be a blur of updates, likes, posts and shares.  Consider from a culinary aspect.  A meal seems to taste better coming from the crock pot or oven as opposed to the microwave.

Besides it’s really hard to share iced tea through a monitor.