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I'm sure you're like me--you get a lot of :"spam" e-mail.

I usually clear out the folder every couple of days, but recently when I emptied the folder on Friday, by Monday I had around 470 new ones. And if you still get "junk" mail from the Postal Service, the electronic stuff is far worse and far more plentiful.

And it's really annoying.

I can't tell you how many times I get something like "Your Credit Score Have Changed." Right--they're illiterate as well as annoying. Or English is nowhere near their main language and they live in who knows where. And I get the same e-mail from a half-dozen sources, no doubt the same crook using several different aliases.

But if I were looking into my credit score, I surely would not look to some bogus outfit that sent me an unsolicited e-mail.

Or "borrow now and pay us back in May." I'll sure do that, whoever you are. Or "Hi gene, find your Love in Asia." No thanks, I'm married and my Love is in the same house where I live, although as I'm writing this she's working.

And let's not overlook the products to treat, um, male problems. I'm sure women get e-mails trying to sell them, um, female products.

Well, I must be going. Someone sent an e-mail telling me how I can "Discover the Professors Lotto Secrtes." Yup, that's how they spelled it.

Thank goodness for spam catchers.