Seven years ago, authorities descended on a farm near Hurley, South Dakota to remove 172 dogs from Dan Christensen's property.

This incident, which drew a major media response in 2009, is now the focal point of a new movie, The Dog Lover, showing in Sioux Falls and other select theaters.

The story still draws controversy as Christensen still defends his actions claiming that authorities "took 172 registered, healthy dogs and gave them away and destroyed them and killed them."

However, the director at the rescue center, Rosey Quinn, says the rescue was justified.

"Most of the dogs had coccidia, they had giardia from the dirty conditions, the filthy water.” - Rosey Quinn

Sadly, some dogs died after the rescue and most were placed in new homes.

You can see The Dog Lover at the West Mall 7 through next week and is also available on DVD. You can order it here.

source: KDLT