The type of Deli meat used in a sandwich, wrap or salad is important. But where that meat comes from, how it is prepared and carved can greatly impact the overall flavor in a recipe.

These are the things that we tend to expect from local delis and butchers to take into consideration when we buy their meats compared to prepacked deli meat at a big boxed retail store.

According to, there is one Deli in South Dakota that stands out from the rest. Dakota Butcher was named the best Deli for its meats in the state thanks to both The Food Network and the locals.

Dakota Butcher specializes in selling meat that they smoke in their smokehouses from beef, pork, lamb and also buffalo and have been a family business since their start back in 2009. Not to mention, they also are willing to process your wild game, goat, and lamb just call them for the price!

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Thinking about making some BBQ at home with some meat you picked up at your local deli? You're going to need these two things.

1) Butchers String/Twine

If you want to make a roast in the crockpot or grill up a piece of meat that tends to fall apart easily. You're going to need some of this thick twine that is meant for cooking.


2) Butcher Paper

This paper is recommended for BBQ and grilling your meat! Plus it helps with flavor unlike tin foil and it comes in bulk.