At my house we have three movies that are in contest rotation. movies that my wife and I will stop and watch if they are on any channel. We have DVDs, Blu-Rays and digital copies of them. I'm pretty sure we still have the VHSs in the basement. Those movies are three of the most 90's movies ever: Twister, Independence Day (we watch it every July 4th), and You've Got Mail.

Unfortunately none of those movies made it onto this list of the Favorite 90's Movies of each State that I found online. That list is dominated by lions, robots, and child abandonment.

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The website Frontier Bundles analyzed Google Trends search data to determine which 90's movies people are still searching for. The results show each state’s favorite.

According to their findings South Dakota's favorite 90's movie is the time-travel and cyborgs blockbuster Terminator 2. The Mount Rushmore state seems to just love the classic tale of a boy and his robot buddy busting his mom out of an institution and running from a liquid metal killer. Good family fun.

Our neighbor to the south, Nebraska, is obsessed with the Jurassic Park sequel The Lost World. It is the Jeff Goldblumyist of the JPs, and the raptors look really cool in the grass during that one overhead shot.

Iowa is also on the Spielberg band wagon with their fave: Saving Private Ryan. That's a movie that is so good on many levels. Not just the famous opening scene, or ending; but the whole thing is beautiful, gritty art.

Minnesota missed a chance to show some love to hometown boys made good, the Coen brothers, and ignored Fargo to crown Home Alone as their favorite. Look, we all love to scare pizza guys and see people fall down stairs. But, really?

Lots of states loved Home Alone. Along with Forrest Gump and The Lion King. For some reason Alaska just loves The Phantom Menace, and Cali is down with Aladdin. Only Oklahoma and Virginia got it right, with Twister and ID4 as their faves respectively.

The full list:

Alabama The Lion King
Alaska The Phantom Menace
Arizona The Lost World
Arkansas The Lion King
California Aladdin
Colorado Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Connecticut Saving Private Ryan
Delaware Toy Story 2
District of Columbia Mrs. Doubtfire
Florida Men in Black
Georgia Forrest Gump
Hawaii Jurassic Park
Idaho Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me
Illinois Home Alone
Indiana The Lion King
Iowa Saving Private Ryan
Kansas Titanic
Kentucky Home Alone
Louisiana The Lion King
Maine Armageddon
Maryland The Lion King
Massachusetts Titanic
Michigan Home Alone
Minnesota Home Alone
Mississippi The Phantom Menace
Missouri The Lion King
Montana Terminator 2
Nebraska The Lost World
Nevada Ghost
New Hampshire Saving Private Ryan
New Jersey Saving Private Ryan
New Mexico Terminator 2
New York Ghost
North Carolina Titanic
North Dakota Beauty and the Beast
Ohio Home Alone
Oklahoma Twister
Oregon Titanic
Pennsylvania Home Alone
Rhode Island Titanic
South Carolina Forrest Gump
South Dakota Terminator 2
Tennessee The Lion King
Texas The Lion King
Utah Beauty and the Beast
Vermont Armageddon
Virginia Independence Day
Washington Terminator 2
West Virginia Armageddon
Wisconsin Home Alone
Wyoming Mrs. Doubtfire



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