Facing huge problems, our nation wants to find people who can do the business of its citizens.  On November 6th people were elected to fill those roles for an appointed time.

In South Dakota, we elected Kristi Noem to the House of Representatives for a second term.  Senators Tim Johnson and John Thune, though not up for re-election are still in their positions because they gained the public’s trust when it came time to choose.  Two Republicans and one Democrat are serving the constituents of the Rushmore State.  They also took their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

It will take hard work and dedication by all involved to remedy the situations we face. Regardless of political leanings, working together will be the imperative factor in whether our nation rises or falls.  As an extension of that spirit, we should get our elected leaders…Johnson, Thune and Noem together and encourage them to build relationships, not barriers.  By gathering in one room one would think there is potential for compromise, change and accomplishment.   Let us know if that is something that you would like your elected leaders to do.  Challenge yourself and your leaders to step forward to make things better.

(Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Visit the websites below and send your intentions to those folks.  For if you have nothing to say, why should they listen to you?

Tim Johnson

John Thune

Kristi Noem