In dedicating three decades of his life in service to South Dakota we take time to mark the retirement of South Dakota Highway Patrolman Sgt. John Koenig.

On a bitterly cold January day in 2015, two men were hunkered down in a rural Brule County house firing approximately 100 rounds at the officers stationed outside during a standoff that lasted approximately 24 hours. Only one bullet connected.

That slug struck Sgt. Koenig in the arm and side sending him to the hospital for several days. About 12 weeks later he returned to duty in the Chamberlain office.

However, one day does not define a body of work. In a statement, the South Dakota Highway Patrol gave high praise to Koenig's time in uniform.

“Sgt. John Koenig has been an outstanding South Dakota Highway Patrol trooper, protecting the public for 30 years. His commitment to the job, his devotion to duty and his willingness to serve exemplifies the best the Highway Patrol has to offer. He has helped and guided many of the current troopers. Sgt. Koenig’s presence will be felt within the Highway Patrol for years to come. “

As to the men who touched off the incident, Donald London is still awaiting trial pending the results of a mental health evaluation. Michael London, who was also Donald’s father, passed away last October at the age of 67.

Koenig's retirement was official on Wednesday June 8.

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