ROSCOE, S.D. (AP) — South Dakota high school students traveled to the Mississippi bayou to learn about careers with the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.

About 11 students from Edmunds Central High School in Roscoe in March had the chance to see crocodiles, survey the marsh habitat and dissect a shark during a school field trip, the Aberdeen American News reported.

The six-day trip included time at the administration's Southeast Fisheries Science Center, lessons at the University of Southern Mississippi Marine Education Center, ship tours and habitat surveys.

The goal was to show students different careers in science, said Spencer Cody, a science teacher at the high school.

"My hope is that they expanded their horizons to different careers in science, that they consider other options than what they were already aware of," he said.

The administration is often associated with the National Weather Service, but it also manages fisheries and conducts a variety of research, Cody said. Students prepared reports about the administration's various careers, and then updated the papers after the trip with what they learned, he said.

Cody said he was inspired to start planning the trip after hearing about a program that brought scientists to classrooms to talk about their jobs.

"They were talking about how expensive that is, and I was like, 'Well, for the same price or cheaper we could bring some students from Edmunds Central down to the Gulf Coast and they could experience some of the science they do down there,'" he said, noting that a grant was used to cover the cost of the trip.

Junior Chandler Pullman said he enjoyed the experience and being able to see how the environments in Mississippi and South Dakota differ.

"I got plenty of pictures, memories and knowledge," he said.

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