Guns, guns, guns!

A number of politicians have gun rights in their sights at the moment, and that may or may not be what is fueling a recent surge in gun permit grabs by South Dakota residents.

The state broke another concealed carry weapons permit record in January, a record that was set only a month before.

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs released a report on Monday that said there were 3,879 permits issued in the state during the first month of 2016, breaking the monthly record of 2,968 permits set in December.

That number is also up from 2,204 permits issued in the state in January 2015.

Krebs said the state will need to re-evaluate staffing needs to maintain statutory compliance because of “these high-volume increases.”

The state saw a 21 percent jump in concealed carry permits in 2015 from a year earlier.

Source: The Washington Times

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