The story of a man who was fired from the Stanley County School District has received lots of attention this week. The man claims he was dismissed because of pictures he posted on Facebook of what he says are disrespected American flags. In response to the controversy the school district released this statement on February 6th.

Each day we raise the United States and South Dakota flags with pride to welcome our students. We have tremendous respect for each flag and take this allegation very seriously. On January 31, 2103 we received an allegation involving the storage of our flags. We immediately began to investigate the allegation. The result of our investigation did not reflect a mishandling of either flag. We question the circumstances surrounding this matter and whether the pictures currently circulating are an accurate reflection of how the flags were stored. Regardless, we have taken measures to ensure that each flag is being properly cared for on a daily basis. The Stanley County School District does not now, nor has it ever tolerated disrespect of either flag.

We take this allegation seriously. We actively support our troops and veterans and their families. We acknowledge and share the concerns which have been put forth in the community. These are serious matters which have and will continue to receive serious consideration.

At present the matter is a personnel issue that must be dealt with according to law and established policy. The district will continue to respect the law and policy and also the confidentiality of personnel matters involving employees of the district.

The Stanley County School District stands behind its decisions and adamantly denies any allegation that the personnel decision was based on reporting of any mishandling of either flag. The United States and South Dakota flags represent the very values we are committed to instilling in our youth. We will continue to instill these values by modeling the appropriate treatment of each flag.


Sarah Carter
Board President