Apparently this Sioux City automated camera speed trap is causing quite a stir.  The South Dakota legislature and Governor Dennis Daugaard want to cut off communication with Iowa in response to numerous speeding tickets issued on Interstate 29. 

State Senator Dan Lederman of Dakota Dunes proposed a bill to prevent collection agencies from shaking down South Dakota drivers who’ve gotten busted by the speed cameras in Sioux City.

We’ve all heard the lame and the pretty good excuses that people will use to weasel out of tickets.  Having the state come to the rescue is the best one yet.

In case you’re just scanning these words, let’s make it clear.  DON’T SPEED ON I-29 THROUGH SIOUX CITY.  CAMERAS WILL TAKE PICTURES OF YOUR LICENSE PLATE AND YOU WILL GET A TICKET.  Excuse time is now over.

Sioux City is not the only place where speed limits are strictly enforced.  Everyone with more than 3 years of driving experience knows that Irene, South Dakota has a low tolerance for speeders.  Chances are excellent that you know somebody who has gone lead foot and got their wallet lightened in the Village in the Valley.

Can we stop crying about getting busted by a camera?  Interstate 29 through Sioux City is not exactly a picnic.  There’s four lanes with a concrete barrier dividing north and south bound traffic and very little shoulder and traffic comes on and off at odd angles because of the Missouri River.  During peak traffic times going faster than 55 is dangerous through that stretch.  Equally as dangerous is the prospect of patrolmen stopping cars on the side of the road in that segment.

If laws actually mean something, then shouldn’t we accept the consequences when we step outside the boundary?