I doubt there is anyone who has lived in South Dakota for the past 20 years or so who didn't spend hours wondering what they would do with the money that then 23 Neal Wanless had won when he struck it rich with the Powerball Lottery in 2009.

Wanless was a young man living on a ranch in Mission, SD, in a county where nearly half of the population lives below the poverty line.

Wanless admits today, 'we were struggling.'

Then he bought a lottery ticket at a local convenience store. Boom he was instantly the winner of the largest lottery jackpot ever won in the state. When he did he decided to buy his own ranch located to the north of Rapid City.

Since then, he's added to his ranch called The Bismark, including the construction of a couple of homes. If you've followed along in the news you know that he's also rented out the land to several area ranchers and even has wild horses living on the property along with abundant wildlife.

It's really quite a story of a young man who 'struck it rich.' He's since married and owns property in Arizona. He said he likes South Dakota winters, but he's not much for the wind.

In an article from Mansion Global.com, you can read and find out more. By the way, if his asking price of over 44 million is met, it would be the highest price retrieved for a ranch in the history of South Dakota.

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