In the South Dakota legislature, last years most contentious issue is this year's love fest.

Jobs and business incentives to create them had democrats upset last year. So upset, they referred Governor Daugaard's plan to the voters. In November the electorate said "Heck No" to the plan.

Without any incentives in place political leaders scrambled to come up with something, since states around us provide money, and in some cases, a kitchen sink(just kidding),  to entice companies to locate or expand, within their borders.

Senate Bill 235 was revealed earlier this week, after many days and nights of not so public discussions on the subject.  It passed the Senate with no problem. The House has offered a suggestion or two. None of them deal breakers.

Democrats are singing the praises of this proposal. Republicans like it also.

A smiling Governor Daugaard will probably sign the bill. Then we can go back into job creation competition with Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and California. Yes, California.