The South Dakota Legislature is on a three day holiday with Presidents Day weekend. Waiting for them upon return will be several issues.

South Dakota lawmakers plan to take up bills this week to end presumptive probation, promote "intellectual diversity" on college campuses and target an activities association policy for transgender student athletes.

A bill to reverse South Dakota’s for some lower-level felonies is set for debate Tuesday in the Senate Judiciary Committee. Presumptive probation is credited with helping avert expensive prison population growth, but critics say it ties judges' hands. It was part of a 2013 Republican-led justice overhaul.

A House panel is set to hear a bill taking aim again at the South Dakota High School Activities Association's policy that lets transgender students play on the athletic team that matches their gender identity. A Senate panel killed a similar bill last month.

The measure before the House Health and Human Services Committee on Tuesday would require a student's sex to be determined by their birth certificate or an association physical exam form.

And a pared-down measure seeking to promote "intellectual diversity" on college campuses will be debated.

The bill set for floor discussion would designate publicly accessible outdoor areas of state universities as available for expressive activity, prohibit officials from discriminating against student organizations based on their expression, and require reporting to the governor, regents and legislators.

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