March 8th, Governor Dennis Daugaard signed several legislatively approved bills into law.

Here are the titles of a few(my comments in parenthesis):

HB 1237 An Act to revise certain provisions to abortion counseling.(this bill doubles the length of time a woman must wait to obtain an abortion. we now have the longest mandated waiting period in the country)>

HB 1087 Provides for the creation of the school sentinel program and for the training of school sentinels. (Allows local school boards to designate an person to legally have a gun in school)>

SB 205  An Act to authorize the hunting of wolves in certain circumstances.(this bill declares the wolf as a varmint, and as such can be shot at any time, anywhere, under any circumstances without penalty)>

These laws and others go into effect July 1st, 2013 unless a court action causes a delay.