Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Friday South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed  the so called "Sentinel Bill" that gives the OK for the states school districts to arm teachers, janitors, or any personal that they feel they want to carry a gun.

The idea, of course, is an effort to protect our kids against any loony that would walk into any class room here in South Dakota and start shooting.  The question is:  Although our teachers are trained to educate, how would they react in a high pressure situation if they had to shoot another human being?

When I went to school up on the Iron Range of northern Minnesota in the late 70's we thought nothing of keeping our shotgun in the trunk of our car so we could go duck hunting after school.  I don't remember ever hearing or even thinking about the term "School Shooting".  Understandably times have changed, but to the point that our teachers need to be packing heat?  I sure hope not.

Sioux Falls School District