It's over now, the execution of confessed killer Eric Robert.

He was put to death just after 10pm Monday for the brutal killing of Ronald "RJ" Johnson, a correctional officer at the South Dakota State Penitentiary.

Johnson was killed in April 2011, on his 63rd birthday, in a failed escape attempt.

Another inmate, Rodney Berget, is on death row for the same crime.

I know people who work at the Penitentiary, and who considered Johnson a friend.

Johnson's family will tell you that the execution doesn't bring their loved one back, and the fact that Robert asked for the death penalty sped things along.

There are people of good will and sincere beliefs on both sides of the capital punishment issue, and we as a people and as a State can only hope that putting a killer to death will somehow act as a deterrent.

Will it? I don't know. But you won't hear me shouting for one side or the other, because having the loudest voice doesn't mean someone is right.

To me, it's a time for reflection. Justice as prescribed by the law has been done.