Attorney General Marty Jackley released more information that adds more depth to the story of the two teen girls who disappeared in 1971.

Skeletal remains were found in a 1960 Studebaker that was discovered near Brule Creek back in September.  On Thursday, a forensic pathologist in Sioux Falls confirmed that the remains belonged to two different individuals.  Pam Jackson and Sherri Miller were last seen heading to a party in rural Union County over 40 years ago.

Jackley also shed some light on results of mechanical tests on the Studebaker.   The vehicle was in third gear, the highest gear in the car.  Foul play becomes less likely because of the condition of the car and the remains of only two people in the vehicle.

The bones have been sent for DNA testing at the University of Texas, with the hopes of identification.  The testing can take anywhere from 30-90 days before getting results.