One thing is for sure if you have ever been dared, double-dared, or lost a bet chances are sticking your tongue on a metal pole outside when the temp is in the single digits may have been your punishment. And you probably grew up watching Ralphie Parker and his friends do it for fun. Yes, you are that old.

Oh, I think I'll try that sometime. Can you say, "Dumba__?"

By no means am I condoning this but whatever you don't pull away. If for some stupid reason you find yourself in this position make sure you have a bottle of room temperature water with you. NOT cold water. That may make this worse and freeze more. Or just breathe out until your tongue separates from the metal object.

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I triple-dog-dare you!

You want to have some fun during this polar vortex stretch of weather and put on a show when the conditions are this cold? Boil a pan of water, take it outside and toss the water in the air. But be careful.

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