SIOUX FALLS - The weather is more suitable for ducks than for competitive swimmers but these cold mornings aren’t keeping these swimmers from outside practices.

The Snowfox Swim Team began outdoor morning practices last week, a week later than scheduled.

“We started practice a week late in hopes for the water to be warmer, but our kids have proven to be tough and we’re ready for the meets that start this weekend,” said Clyde Smith, Snowfox Head Coach.

Swim practice begins every morning at 7:00 o’clock. Today at the start the temperature was 48 degrees.

But these swimmers are committed to their sport.

“Truly, truthfully, it’s not that bad today,” said Josh Randazzo.

It doesn’t hurt that the sun is shining. Snowfox practices outdoors at Frank Olson Pool Monday-Thursday and at Kuehn Park Pool on Friday mornings.

Evening practices continue downtown at Avera EmBe.  At least 50 swimmers attend each morning practice.