Sioux Falls received a dose of snow on Monday.  It was not enough to trigger the snow gate regiment that so many people desire.  By the end of winter, we should get our share of snow events to test the equipment.

However, the more important test will come Tuesday.  The citizens of Sioux Falls have filed petitions with enough valid signatures to mandate the use of snow gates throughout the city. The City Council will have to decide on when to proceed with an election.  There are only two choices…sooner or later.  Among council members, those who want it sooner are convinced that Sioux Falls needs snow gates right now.  If the vote is later, that doesn’t necessarily mean opposing snow gates entirely.  It could mean a measured approach to determining if these are appropriate tools for the city to use.

City Councilor Dean Karsky would fall into the latter category.  He came on Viewpoint University to specifically say that snow gates have merit, but to charge ahead without regard to all mitigating factors is foolish.  Other cities have decided that snow gates do not pass muster.  Additionally, Karsky notes that forging ahead no matter the cost does no justice for the taxpayer.

Dean Karsky Explains How The Snow Gate Issue Should Proceed

In addition, Karsky intimates that there is more to snow gates than the operation of the equipment in the streets.  There is the time involved with attaching and dismounting after each snow event.  Moreover, this will amount to a hike in taxes for the service.

Dean Karsky Details The Operations Of Snow Gates

The Sioux Falls City Council will gather on Tuesday evening at Carnegie Town Hall for an informational meeting at 4pm with the regular meeting at 7pm.