Sioux Falls authorities were dispatched to Shopko on 1601 West 41st Street on Tuesday afternoon in response to a woman having a seizure in one of the store's bathrooms.

"They were originally sent there," according to Police Sgt. Paul Creviston, "for a medical emergency. A female was located in the women's restroom. She was having a seizure. When officers arrived, they were unable to locate her. But, it appears that one of the employees at Shopko had followed her over to Office Max which is right next door."

While in Shopko, Creviston says the woman was found ingesting Dust-Off.

"It appears that one of the Shopko employees went into the restroom and thought they heard some compressed air being released... like from an air dust can. Then the female started having a seizure. Through the investigation it showed that she did not have a seizure. She had been ingesting the Dust-Off in the bathroom that caused her to pass out."

Jaine McManus, 28, of Sioux Falls was arrested and charged with ingesting. She suffered minor burns on her nose and fingers from ingesting.