Police believe two people were lying in wait for a Sioux Falls woman before they assaulted her Friday morning.

Officer Sam Clemens says the 30-year-old woman lives in an apartment in the 4100 block of West Valhalla Boulevard.

She told police she had gone downstairs to the mailboxes when she was attacked by a male and a female, dressed all in black and wearing ski masks.

The woman says they exchanged words and one of the two mentioned her name, and then the two assaulted her, pushing her into the mailboxes. She told police she struck her head on the mailboxes several times and fell on the floor, where she blacked out.

The attackers were gone when the woman regained consciousness.

She had no serious injuries, although she went to a hospital Friday afternoon.

Clemens says she believes the attack may be connected to two people she has had problems with recently.