A Town Hall Meeting titled "Take A Stand, Have The Talk: A Parent's Challenge" will take place on Tuesday in Sioux Falls.

Darcy Jensen of Prairie View Prevention Services says the meeting will feature 4 panelists talking about teen drinking and drug use. Darcy tells KSOO Radio:  "We have a great panel made up of Judge Patricia Riepel (South Dakota Second Circuit Court), Craig Kindrat of Avera Behavioral Health, Minnehaha County Sheriff Mike Milstead, and Sanford ER Doctor Kelly Black.  In addition, Dusty Johnson, Chief of Staff to the Governor, will also join us"

Darcy says the town hall meeting is a great opportunity for parents. "We will ask our panel to give us their perspective of underage drinking and drug use...and then open it up to questions from parents and students.  We'll talk about how do we make a change---how do parents take a stand!"

Jensen says parents need to have a one on one talk with their kids.  "I think it's so important for parents and their teens to sit down and talk.  Talk about their family values, what the consequences will be in their home if something happens, and how they will deal with it."

The bottom line, according to Darcy, is confronting the situation head on.  "We really need to be clear about our boundaries, what the curfew is, and what we as a family need to do."

Tuesday's town hall meeting will be at in the Performing Arts Center at O'Gorman HIgh School beginning at 7 p.m.