Matt Leedom is a parent of two children one of them in school, the other just about ready to join the ranks. After graduating from high school in Sioux Falls, Matt studied Mortuary Science.

However he and his wife decided to raise their children in Sioux Falls. Leedom sacrificed his chosen vocation and instead works with Ovation Food Services at the Sioux Falls Convention Center.

The foundation of Leedom’s passion is Sioux Falls and the area. He feels that shaping the education of students in the Public Schools is at the forefront of a vibrant community. Keeping up with growth in the city is a constant battle and Leedom views the consolidation of the Spanish Immersion program into one building, reduces opportunities for students to experience growth.

Canvassing neighborhoods has been beneficial for Leedom’s campaign efforts. In talking with citizens, the topic that has gained the most attention is the 1-to-1 technology initiative for all students in all grades. What people are saying is that being able to utilize those tools is good, but the investment may be a bit much at the outset.

Another component of those conversations with homeowners in particular is the 5.5% tax increase that the Sioux Falls School District is proposing. Leedom is a proponent of higher compensation for educators. Nonetheless, Leedom feels that the District’s claim that the South Dakota Legislature is forcing the increase is not entirely honest.  At 30 years old, Leedom is the youngest candidate in the race for Sioux Falls School Board.  If you want to hear the full interview of Matt Leedom, the following three segments aired on Viewpoint University.

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