Joshua Schorzmann currently has one child in elementary school. Beyond being a parent, he is also a policy advocate for the organization South Dakota Voices For Children with their early learning group. Schorzmann is also serving on the Mayor’s Board of Historic Preservation.

As far as a top goal, Schorzmann wants the school board to build good relationships. First, cohesiveness between parents and teachers is a must in order to work together as students learn. Next, the school board should have a strong connection with each school at every level in the district including faculty and staff. Also Schorzmann feels the school system should have a strong bond with City government.

The school board’s relationship with the citizenry is also important and to be a good steward of people’s money. Schorzmann indicates the need to be transparent as a board is most essential to cultivating that connection with the folks. As dialogue happens, all parties involved can understand how the district is providing education.

As evidence of his crusade for openness, Schorzmann pointed to a comment period established by the School Board regarding Jefferson Elementary school. Schorzmann sensed that the people in charge had already made the decision to move ahead.

Schorzmann is a student himself. He is currently working toward a Graduate Degree in History and also is a server at Red Lobster. A Mitchell native, Schorzmann has lived in Sioux Falls for the past 13 years.

Josh stopped by KSOO's Viewpoint University to talk with Rick Knobe and Dan Peters.  Below is the full interview in three segments.

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